Switching to Tooth Colored Fillings

Do you want to restore the look of your smile? If you’re in Madison, Cottage Grove, or the surrounding areas, consider talking to us about your dental fillings. Composite fillings can be a big part of the smile restoration process for multiple reasons:

  1. White tooth-colored composite fillings look much better than amalgam fillings
  2. Strong evidence suggests that tooth-colored composite fillings are better for your health


Amalgam Fillings vs Composite Fillings

Many patients of the Madison and Cottage Grove, WI Excellence in Dentistry clinics have requested old amalgam (silver) filings to be replaced with white tooth-colored composite fillings; alone or in addition to cosmetic dentistry work to help restore their smile. White composite fillings are a simple and cost effective method that can transform your smile, making your teeth look natural and healthy.

The white composite filling material used is also used in cosmetic dental bonding, which can be a great way to improve your smile. The advantage of composite fillings is that the material can be molded like clay to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in terms of the shade and shape of your teeth.

The Lifespan of Composite Fillings

Some studies have found little difference between the lifespan of composite fillings and amalgam fillings. Others have shown that composite fillings last for a slightly shorter period of time. When considering the differences between the two, it is best to ask your dentist for their opinion regarding lifespan. There are numerous factors that go into how long a filling may last that do not have to do with the material of the filling. Our team is happy to evaluate your individual case and help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

Excellence in Dentistry: Talk to Us about Your Dental Fillings Today

Our team at Excellence in Dentistry is experienced in a number of areas of cosmetic dentistry, such as removal of old silver fillings. Talk to us today about your needs. We serve many happy clients in the Cottage Grove and Madison, Wisconsin areas.