TMJ jaw pain affects many people. Some don’t even realize that they have TMJ disorder. Beyond being a pain in the mouth, it can cause pain and discomfort elsewhere, too.

If you’ve got back pain, neck pain, facial pain, ear aches, and continuous headaches, it may be advantageous to seek help from your dentist.  Many of our patients at Excellence in Dentistry have found relief from TMJ pain in the neck, back, and elsewhere. We’ve had many patients who sought TMJ assistance from us remark that symptoms they were plagued with for years (that they didn’t realize were related to their jaw) have now disappeared.

You’ll want to know if you have TMJ disorder and you’ll want to explore what TMJ treatment options are available to help alleviate and reduce symptoms.

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TMJ Diagnosis

A dentist can help you determine whether or not your jaw is out of alignment. If it is, it can cause a variety of side-effects, such as jaw clicking or popping, neck pain, back pain, headaches, tinnitus, tooth pain, jaw pain, and even loose teeth. There are things that can be done to help you overcome these symptoms and eliminate pain.

TMJ Treatment in Madison and Cottage Grove

Many people with signs of TMJ disorder simply suffer through it when they have a flare-up. A flare-up often occurs during stressful times due to the fact that people tend to clench their jaw when feeling under pressure.  But you don’t have to continue to endure painful TMJ symptoms. The world of neuromuscular dentistry has seen significant advancements in recent years and our Madison and Cottage Grove dental offices are equipped to help you with a variety of tailor-made treatment options that can help you overcome pain and discomfort.

TMJ treatment options can include appliances for the mouth, such as night guards or splints, anti-inflammatory medication, teeth re-shaping for better bite and jaw positioning, and more.

Book a free TMJ consultation with us today. Our Madison, WI and Cottage Grove, WI office and caring staff will help you find ways to reduce that pain. In addition to TMJ treatment, we also offer a variety of cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry options. We can even help with your child’s needs with pediatric dentistry.