That title is quite the tongue-twister, isn’t it? Do you get all tongue twisted at the idea of someone performing surgery on your gums?  PerioLase has not yet been adopted across the board at dental offices in Wisconsin but it is used at Excellence in Dentistry. We firmly believe in the power of this technology and so our offices follow the LANAP protocol for gum disease treatment. We’ve seen great results with PerioLase and have had excellent feedback from patients. Here at Excellence in Dentistry we take gum disease very seriously!

Laser Treatment | Excellence In DentistryTake a Bite out of Gum Disease!

Gum disease affects a large portion of the population and can lead to more than discomfort and tooth loss. Gum disease is increasingly being connected to a plethora of health issues including heart disease, diabetes, lung problems, and even cancer. Treatment and prevention of gum disease is vital to your overall health. Regular dental exams are vital to more than just cavity prevention. If you’ve already started to exhibit the signs of gum disease (such as bleeding gums, gum tenderness, foul taste in the mouth, and other symptoms), it is vital to take action to prevent gum disease from worsening and escalating.

Laser gum surgery can help in a big way!

Benefits of PerioLase:

The PerioLase leverages laser technology for virtually pain free gum surgery. The technology does more than provide great results for gum disease treatment and cosmetic gum issues such as gum contouring and crown lengthening but it also has more capabilities than most dental offices can handle with the ability to treat deep gum pockets effectively.  Many patients whose gums were deemed inoperable by other dentists in the Madison and Cottage Grove area are actually seeing great results thanks to our team and to PerioLase.

The FDA-approved LANAP protocol is getting great results in the treatment of periodontitis.  This minimally invasive treatment works great in terms of providing fast healing, pain-free treatment, reducing gum inflammation, and in providing above average results with respect to cleaning the gums, removing unhealthy tissue, and helping patients stop gum disease in its tracks.

Many physicians who are against surgery for their patients due to health issues are in favor of the use of PerioLase as it could be deemed much less risky than alternative gum disease treatment options.

At Excellence in Dentistry is the only dentistry in the Madison area using this state-of-the-art technology on site and our trained and caring staff members are well-equipped to use this equipment to the advantage of your oral and overall health. Talk to us today about the health of your gums and how we can help you!