Pediatrict Dentist | Excellence In DentistryIs your child in need of urgent dental help? Or, are you simply looking for a dental practice that can help your entire family with oral wellness?  Kids should begin to see the dentist soon after the first teeth erupt. The right approach to oral health can make seeing the dentist routine for kids, rather than being something that causes apprehension (as with many of their parents!).

Not all Cottage Grove area dental clinics specialize in working with children.  While some clinics are focused on pediatric dentistry alone, others work with families but don’t necessarily proclaim to be pediatric specialists. Some clinics, however, either have an affinity for working with kids or have multiple dentists in the practice and one or more does have extensive expertise with kids and with dental fears.

Whether you are looking for a pediatric dentist to help you foster great oral health in your kids early on or are in need of help because of problematic teeth, the right Cottage Grove dental practice can help put your child at ease, put you at ease, and can help you reach your goal of great oral wellness.

Stressing about Seeing the Dentist?

When a child is in pain it’s difficult to cope. Dental pain can be excruciating and adding that to a new experience of seeing a dentist for the first time can be very stressful on kids (and parents, too).  Keep in mind that parental attitude(s) do make a difference in the child’s stress level. Getting help from a dentist who goes to great lengths to put families at ease makes things easier and the right environment and attitude can transform a frightened child to one who is comfortable and even eagerly participating in the process of having a dental exam.

Proactive and Reactive Dental Help in Cottage Grove, WI

Excellence in Dentistry in Cottage Grove offers a variety of services to help children with proactive or reactive dental care. Beyond things like emergency dental care, cleanings and exams, and dental learning labs (where kids can get a great experience with hands on learning about oral health that can help them throughout their life!), you can find out about additional services, such as sedation dentistry, invisible braces for kids, and more.

Oral Wellness for the Whole Family

Best of all, this clinic can help the entire family with oral health and wellness. Routine care, cosmetic dentistry work, sleep apnea treatment, and even oral cancer screening services are offered.