White Fillings | Excellence In DentistryHave you been considering replacing your old silver fillings with white fillings? White fillings look a whole lot better than silver ones, don’t you think?  White fillings look natural and are practically undetectable to the naked eye. With white fillings, when you smile big, people are enjoying your infectious smile instead of seeing that you have several fillings in your teeth.

Healthier for Your Mouth and Body

But beyond white fillings being popular for cosmetic reasons, there is a shift to this option because people are concerned about the fact that amalgam fillings contain mercury.

There are significant concerns about this and about potential mercury poisoning and its effects on the human body beyond the mouth. For that reason, amalgam filling removal is a delicate and careful process.

There is a definite connection between the health of your mouth and the health of your body as a whole. Good oral care is important and if you’ve got missing or loose fillings that haven’t been looked at in many years, it’s smart to meet with a dentist to weigh your options.

Not long ago many people were concerned about white fillings being less strong than the silver counterparts but with regular dental care and good oral care they can last a long time.  Beyond the traditional white fillings, there is an increase in white filling material being used on very small cavities, too.

In fact, dental bonding has become extremely popular in Madison and the rest of the country. The material can offer many opportunities for smile correction with gaps, chips, and other tooth imperfections.

Small Cavity Repair in Madison – Hydroabrasion

In the past, dentists would often put a ‘watch’ on a very small cavity when it was too small to really treat but large enough to be visible during an exam. Nowadays, there are options that stop that decay from spreading. Hydroabrasion could be an ideal option for you. No anesthetic, no drilling, and tooth colored composite material fills in the tiny hole without the need to drill around the decay and make the hole bigger.

If you are interested in replacing your fillings with white ones and /or have other dental issues you would like to explore, such as: TMJ, sleep apnea, inlays and onlays, dental bonding, whitening, or something else, please consider Excellence in Dentistry. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you improve your smile.