Are Immediate Dentures Right for You?

At Excellence in Dentistry, our Madison and Cottage Grove, Wisconsin dental clinics offer a variety of services related to dentures. We offer complete dentures, immediate dentures, implant dentures, partials and flippers. Those who want dentures inserted as soon as their natural teeth are removed want immediate dentures. These offer a short term solution that many prefer over not having any teeth during the healing process.

 How Immediate Dentures Work

In the past, most people who had to have dentures had to wait after having teeth extracted for healing before being fitted with new dentures. This process seemed long and for many, was embarrassing. But immediate dentures are inserted right away. By taking impressions of your mouth and creating your dentures in advance, we can help you avoid the time of not having teeth at all during healing.

 Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Beyond using them for aesthetic reasons, immediate dentures serve as a bandage for your gums, helping with the healing process. After your mouth has healed, you can come back in for your permanent dentures.

There are some drawbacks of using immediate dentures over letting your mouth heal first, but if you decide this is the route you want to take, our team will review the procedure and the process carefully with you to ensure you are fully prepared for the process.

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