When your first baby teeth fell out and you hoped for a few coins from the tooth fairy, you were told to treat your new teeth very carefully because they needed to last you for the rest of your life. Further, you were informed that if your new teeth broke or were removed for any reason; a replacement would not grow in its place this time. Fortunately, with modern technology, dental implants can provide you with a tooth replacement if the situation arises.

Although some people will not worry about losing a tooth, dental implants can help your general health and in particular the health of the other teeth around the missing one. They will help restore your full chewing ability and help maintain a full barrier against problems, which may occur with teeth that are near a gap, because it is easier for them to be damaged.

Your full set of teeth are anchored to your mouth by a root, just as you would think of a plant growing and the root holding onto the ground. When you lose a tooth and the root or perhaps the root dies, a dental implant is a straight substitution for the root. Your dentist will use the new anchor to add a tooth or crown or a complete set of new teeth.

Dental implants are not a new technological procedure. Dental implants have been popular to help replace missing teeth for over 50 years and the methods currently used are recognized by experts as an extremely efficient and effective option.

Adding dental implants is a surgical procedure and you should check that your dentist is highly regarded in this field before they start work with you.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?


If you are missing one or more of your teeth due to an accident or an injury, then your age is not a barrier for you to consider dental implants. Where you have suffered from disease or decay, dental implants could be the perfect solution. Your Cottage Grove dentist will study your medical and dental history before confirming that you are a suitable candidate.

Your dentist will consider whether you have enough bone to provide sufficient support for your new implants. If your bone structure is lacking in any way, the dentist will be able to show you many safe ways that bone deficiency can be corrected by advising for or against adding further bone material.

A skilled Cottage Grove dentist should be your first advice resource when you wish to discuss dental implants.  If you don’t already have a local dentist that you trust with this important decision, we would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about dental implants or other oral care and smile restoration requirements.