Is My Headache Connected to TMJ Disorder?

Is your headache connected to TMJ disorder? If you suffer from headaches, it could be connected to your jaw. TMJ disorder can have a number of side-effects including severe headaches. Many patients who have worked with us here at Excellence in Dentistry have been searching for a headache cure for years. We are proud to report that many people who have visited our Madison, Wisconsin dental office have eliminated their headaches and other problems associated with TMJ disorder.

Why TMJ Disorder Causes Headaches

There can be a number of reasons for a headache. But when the jaw is out of alignment, this can cause pressure that radiates to your ears, sinuses, and throughout your head. It can also cause shoulder, neck, and back pain.

Headaches are often blamed on stress. When stressed, many people clench their jaw. When your jaw is already out of alignment, clenching can increase this pain significantly.

How Dentists Can Treat TMJ Disorder to Eliminate Headaches

At Excellence in Dentistry we have a wealth of experience in treating TMJ disorder. We provide a variety of TMJ treatment options that could eliminate headaches and other aches and pains that can result from poor jaw alignment.

Most people are surprised to find out that a visit to the dentist could help you eliminate headaches. Oral health and wellness is strongly connected to overall health and wellness and we aim to help educate patients on the benefits of a healthy mouth. Beyond cavity-free teeth and healthy gums, the right jaw alignment can make a big difference!

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