A Bit About Dental Flippers for Children and Adults

Are you wondering about flippers for your teeth? Flippers are temporary dentures for a single tooth. These temporary teeth are a good choice for someone who is in transition. They are often used as an interim replacement option for those having a dental bridge or a dental implant done. They easily fit into place and you can remove them as needed.

 Benefits of Dental Flippers

Instead of walking around with a missing tooth, the dental flipper sits in the gap and helps you avoid showing the world a toothless grin. Most flippers aren’t used for eating and are intended to be used just temporarily as they aren’t a great long term solution. They aren’t ideal long term for spacing and gum health reasons but can be an excellent low cost temporary interim replacement for a missing tooth.

 Dental Flippers for Children

Do you have a child whose teeth have been damaged in some way? Dental flippers are a great solution for children who have misshapen or damaged teeth. A flipper can easily be placed while they wait for a permanent tooth to grow in or until they are old enough to seek out a more permanent solution. Flippers are also an option to consider if you have an up and coming child star who wants to conceal their missing teeth for an audition or pageant.

Customized Dental Flippers in Madison and Cottage Grove

 At Excellence in Dentistry, we can design a dental flipper that fits in place of a specific tooth or even for more than one tooth. The artificial tooth snaps into place easily and can be cared for, much the same way as you would deal with dentures. We provide a wealth of information when fitting patients for flippers and will help prepare you for insertion, removal, and care of your flipper(s).

Here at Excellence in Dentistry, we offer a number of solutions to help you avoid feeling more self-conscious about your teeth while you are in the midst of treatment. We offer a number of smile makeover options as well as temporary solutions, such as Immediate Dentures — which help those having full arches replaced, partial dentures, and flippers.

Talk to us today about your needs. We know how difficult it can be to live your life while embarrassed about your smile. That’s why we offer many solutions for your needs and your budget. Call our Madison or Cottage Grove, Wisconsin office today for an appointment to talk about your smile improvement and oral health needs.

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